Het boek Verborgen geluk van Maayke <b>de Ridder
Verborgen Geluk
Hidden happiness: we don't see which garden pleasure lies behind the brick walls of the city houses. Shown are 40 total different small urban gardens. Co-writers Robert Broekema and Maayke de Ridder give a look behind these walls. Illustrated by images of Maayke's hand.

ISBN 90 215 4310 9
Publisher: Kosmos-Z&K
Het boek Tuingeluk van Maayke de Ridder
A rich illustrated book where both authors: Robert Broekema and Maayke de Ridder give an impression how to relax and enjoy gardening. All gardens are designed by Robert and Maayke has documented them.

ISBN 90 215 8451 4
Publisher: Kosmos-Z&K
Het boek Borderboeketten van Maayke de Ridder
In this book Maayke de Ridder and Modeste Herwig, photographer and writer of over 33 books, show how to make simple but beautiful flower decorations with the flowers from your own garden in all seasons.

ISBN 90 215 9385 8
Publisher: Kosmos-Z&K
Het boek Bloembol & Co van de Maayke de Ridder
Bloembol & Co
An inspiring book all about the use of flower bulbs all year round, written by Jacqueline van der Kloet, a garden designer, noted for her unique planting designs. Illustrated with photo's by Maayke de Ridder.

ISBN 90 215 8093 4
Publisher: Kosmos-Z&K.